Jun 12, 2024

Rain Barrel Rebate

Rain Barrel 2

Rain Barrel Rebate Program

For a limited time, the City is offering rebates of up to $50 for the purchase and installation of rain barrels. One rebate per residence of 50% of the cost of the rain barrel, to a maximum of $50. This offer is only for owners of existing residential buildings with a valid occupancy permit located within the City and connected to the City’s water system.

Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis. Rain barrels must be purchased on or after January 1 of the current calendar year.

Rain barrels are an excellent addition to any yard. Storing rainwater for re-use has numerous benefits:
     • Rainwater is better for your plants and soil.
     • You’ll have your own water source in times of drought or water restrictions.
     • Water conservation reduces your utility bill cost.

Rain barrels are used to collect rainwater from hard surfaces such as rooftops and store it for later use. They are low-cost systems which allow you to supplement your water supply with a sustainable source and help preserve local watersheds by detaining rainfall. Installation of a rain barrel at your home helps to maintain a healthy urban watershed by reducing the demand on the potable water system to irrigate gardens and by reducing the amount of wet weather runoff sent into the public storm water system.

Rain Barrel 1 The amount of water that can be collected from a rooftop depends on several variables, including the dimensions of the rooftop, the collection capacity and the amount and timing of the rain received. A “rainwater catchment rule of thumb” will help to determine how much rain barrel storage capacity you need - 1,000 square feet of roof surface captures 625 gallons of water for every one inch of rain that falls.

For information on this program, call 250 954-3060.

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