Jun 12, 2024


Introducing MyCity

MyCity is a secure, all-in-one, online service which allows homeowners and businesses to access information about City of Parksville accounts.

Itís easy! Create a profile, register your accounts and access your information:

  • Create a profile: An email address and password is required to create a profile. Select register now and once a confirmation has been sent to your email address, you will be able to login to MyCity.
  • Register your accounts: You will need to register each account you wish to have access to, property taxes, utilities, dog licences, and business licences. In order to register each account, use the account number and access code located on your invoice
Use MyCity to:

  • View current and past billing history
  • View account payment history
  • Access information about your property tax, utilities, dog and business licence accounts
  • Keep track of utility consumption history
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