May 30, 2023


The operations department is responsible for street maintenance in the City. There are approximately 85 km of paved roads and 2 km of unpaved roads within the City. As well, operations department employees are responsible for maintaining water and sewer systems in safe operating condition. This department also receives requests to repair potholes, traffic signs, water mains, sewers and sidewalks.

Road pavement maintenance includes:

  • Pot hole patching
  • Road shoulder maintenance
  • Curb repairs
  • Spill response and emergency cleanup
Road side maintenance includes:
  • Guard rail replacement
  • Sidewalk and pathway repairs and maintenance
  • Vegetation control
Traffic markings and maintenance includes:
  • Crosswalks and lane markings
  • Traffic sign installation and maintenance
  • Traffic signal repair and maintenance
  • Streetlight repair and maintenance
Residents are cautioned not to plant any shrubs, place material or erect buildings or fences on the City's portion of boulevards and road right of ways in front of private property. City crews may have to excavate the area in order to reach services such as water or sewer pipes and cannot be responsible for any materials planted or erected on the boulevards or right of ways, except for the ground cover, such as grass or gravel.
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