Aug 17, 2022

Park Amenities

Picnic Shelter and Gazebo
There are two rentable facilities in the Parksville Community Park available for events such as fundraisers, family barbecues and weddings. (Refer to booking link).

  • The picnic shelter located near the sports field is used for many purposes, including club events, children's play groups, family reunions and live musical events.
  • The waterfront gazebo provides a spectacular view of Parksville Bay and is a beautiful spot for weddings. The gazebo is also a lovely place to just sit and take in the view.
Outdoor Theatre
A new outdoor theatre, now under construction in the park is expected to complete in June 2022. Follow the project and updates at Let's Talk Parksville.

Food Trucks, Benches and Picnic Tables
From May through September, three food trucks with a variety of menus are located near the Ventureland Playground. Hours for the food trucks are generally 10 am to 7 pm daily. You will find picnic tables and benches throughout the park for you to enjoy.

Washroom Facilities
The washroom building is equipped with male, female and accessible washrooms maintained by the City. Additional male and female washrooms are located near the ball diamonds. The City maintains an outdoor shower during the summer months, located on the waterfront side of the washroom building. There are two water fountains located in this area, one is the "lion's head" directly in front of the water park and the other located outside the washroom building.

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