Oct 15, 2021


The City of Parksville is part of the Regional District of Nanaimo's regional Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program. Click here for details. http://www.rdn.bc.ca/cms.asp?wpID=1748

City of Parksville Water System

The City of Parksville's water system consists of 18 deep groundwater wells drawing from an aquifer on the south edge of the City boundary and the Englishman River. The wells are disinfected using a liquid chlorination injection system. In the summer months, additional water comes from the Englishman River which is supplemented with water from the Arrowsmith Dam and disinfected by a computer controlled gas chlorination system and pumped into the distribution system. The distribution system consists of 85 km of mainline water pipes and about 5,000 serviced lots.

A computer control system (SCADA) monitors, on a 24-hour basis, the entire system to ensure the safety and quality of the water. The City of Parksville has 10 board-certified operators with the BC Water and Wastewater Association and Environmental Operators Certification Program.

The average daily water consumption within the City varies from 500,000 gallons per day to over 3 million gallons per day during peak summer season.

Each property connected to the water system is metered. Water meters are read in March and September and periodic meter tests are conducted to check for accuracy and are replaced if tested less than 98% accurate.

SCADA System

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