Apr 22, 2024

Downtown Policies

Downtown Revitalization Strategies Downtown Revitalization Strategies

The Downtown Revitalization Strategies
document provides recommendations to
guide downtown development in creating
a world class experience in this world class
setting of Parksville.

Facade Design Recommendations Facade Design Recommendations

The intent of the façade design recommendations is to assist property owners, merchants and developers in updating buildings to designs that exemplify West Coast style and create a distinct pedestrian friendly experience for Parksville’s downtown area.

Development Permit Areas Downtown -
Development Permit Area No. 1

The objective of this development permit area designation is to revitalize the core area by enhancing the architectural form and character of the area through the promotion of architectural particulars and landscaping.

Tax Exemption Bylaw Downtown Revitalization
Tax Exemption Bylaw

The Bylaw provides a municipal property tax exemption for up to five years for eligible projects within a portion of downtown which has been identified in the bylaw.

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