Jun 3, 2020

Sports Fields

Community Park and Springwood Park Sports Fields

Fields must be inspected by the teams before each game and each practice. It is up to the coach to make the final decision if the field is safe for play or if play will result in damage to the field or injury to the players. Damage to the field due to playing in poor conditions may result in the closure of the field. Repairs to sports fields may not be possible outside the growing season thus closures may be over extended periods.

  • Practice sessions should rotate around the field and avoid goal mouths and centre field when possible. High wear areas can be a hazard if there is too much play.
  • Line markings for field of play should also be moved around the field when possible.
  • One of the highest wear areas is along the sidelines where teams and spectators stand. Please try to avoid standing in the same area each week.
  • Please do not play on fields if there is frost, snow, standing water or unsafe conditions.

We will attempt to assess the fields during our normal operating hours. If the field status shows closed, please respect the closure. If the fields show open please remember it is still up to you to determine if the fields are safe for play.

With your help, together we can work towards better fields for everyone. If you notice an issue with one of our fields, please contact 250 248-5412 or


    Community Park Field OPEN small groups only
    Community Park Raquet Courts CLOSED
    Community Park Lacrosse Box CLOSED
    Springwood Park Field: 4-Plex CLOSED
    Springwood Park Field: Royals Field CLOSED
    Springwood Park Field: Old Peewee CLOSED
    Springwood Park Tennis Courts CLOSED

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