Feb 16, 2019

Mission, Corporate Values, Strategic Priorities


In February 2015, Council adopted the mission, vision, corporate values statement and 2015 strategic priorities for the City of Parksville. These statements provide guidelines for Council and staff when setting budgets and identifying projects and priorities.

The City of Parksville’s mission statement:

    To provide good governance, prudent financial management, enhancing Parksville’s lifestyle
    through leadership, community involvement and commitment to providing services
    in an effective, efficient manner to all residents.
Council and staff are committed to the City of Parksville's corporate values as stated here:
  • Quality Service - We succeed by focusing our attention on serving the citizenry of our community. We believe in proactively involving our citizens in identifying community needs and deciding upon solutions.
  • Fiscal Responsibility - We are the caretakers of our City. We believe that implementing our community vision requires careful financial planning and accountability to our citizens. We will be fair and prudent and our expenditures will be affordable. We will save for our community's future.
  • Environmental Awareness - We are stewards of our land and our water. Its fragility and the resources it provides us deserve our respect. We believe that we will keep our community lively and healthy by preserving, protecting and rehabilitating our natural environment.
  • Inclusiveness - We will foster an environment which stimulates professional excellence and encourages contributions by all employees.

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