Dec 7, 2023

Sewerage and Drainage

The City of Parksville maintains about 50 km of sanitary sewer mainlines, two sewer lift stations and about 4,000 service connections. The City's sewer is collected and fed to the Regional District of Nanaimo treatment plant in French Creek. Routine maintenance activities involve the cleaning of mainlines with high-pressure flush trucks and video inspection for problems or deficiencies. As well, there is the installation and repair of manholes, service connections, and other related appurtenances.

The goal is to insure the sewer system is maintained in proper operating condition and is providing the public with an appropriate level of service.

Message to property owners regarding maintenance of private sewer lines

    This information will help ensure plumbing flows as designed and backups and smells do not occur:

  • Do not pour fats, oils or greases from cooking down drains of flush toilets. Fats and oils stick to the sides of pipes, reducing pipe diameter, slow flows and there is a cost to add degreaser to the wastewater.
  • Ensure all P traps have water. If the water from unused floor drains or seldom used guest bathrooms dry, there may be a rotten egg smell from sewer gases coming up the pipes and into your house.
  • Occasionally check roof vents are clear. Blocked vents will cause slow draining sinks and tubs.
  • Ensure the cleanout is visible at property line. This helps the City to determine location of a blockage if there is one.
  • If your toilets or sinks are backing up, the first call should be to the City. The City will determine which side of the property line the blockage exists. It costs less to phone the City than to contact a plumber.
  • Avoid planting trees or bushes above the sewer line. Any crack in the pipe or slipped joint is an invitation for root intrusion. Root cutting can be costly.
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