Jun 12, 2024

Light up Parksville

Light Up Parksville Civic and Technology Centre

The exterior of the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre has multi-colour capable LED lights which can be programmed to change colours in support and recognition of various causes, events, cultural celebrations, and holidays. The lighting system is pre-programmed for certain annual events. If there is no recognition event scheduled, the default lighting is set to Parksville blue. Lights come on automatically at dusk when it is sufficiently dark and automatically turn off the next day when the sun rises.

Organizations wishing to light up the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre in support of a particular cause or event can submit a request to communications@parksville.ca.

Building Lighting Recognition Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to establish a consistent framework to facilitate requests to light up the City in recognition of various causes and events.

This guideline applies to requests received by the City of Parksville to light up the City in recognition of various causes and events. The Parksville Civic and Technology Centre building is the only City asset with the capability to display different coloured lights.

How to apply
Requests must be received a minimum of four months before the desired date. Requests should be emailed to communications@parksville.ca. Please include the following information:

  • Name of organizer with email and phone contact
  • Name of organization, website and social media links
  • Name of the event the lighting request is more
  • Date the applicant would like the lighting set
  • Reasons and/or background information for lighting request
  • What colour(s) requested (will be based on available settings)

Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received and, on a case-by-case basis providing the following:

  • Nondenominational and non-political in nature
  • Events of provincial, national or international significance
  • Supports a local festival or event that positively impacts community spirit
  • Supports a local, national or international awareness issue that builds community or is related to community health operated by a nationally recognized charitable organization
  • Does not conflict with a pre-designated event already scheduled

Please note:
Light up requests will not be considered for:

  • Commercial, political or religious purposes
  • Personal or private occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries
  • Polarizing events which divide, rather than unite the community
  • Any purpose contrary to City policies or bylaws
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