Jul 12, 2024

Tree Rebate

Help grow our urban forest by planting a tree!

For a limited time, the City is offering a maximum of one rebate for the owner of a residence or business who wishes to plant a tree on their property. The rebate amount is for a maximum of $50, subject to the conditions outlined below:

  • Offer is only for businesses or owners of existing properties located within municipal boundaries.

  • Trees must be planted in the ground on private property to be eligible; trees may not be planted on City boulevards, rights-of-way or any other location. Trees in pots or containers are not eligible.

  • Any tree or fruit tree which will attain a mature height over 4.9 metres (16 feet) is eligible for a rebate. Shrubs, bushes and other plantings are not eligible.

  • The rebate is for the purchase of one tree up to a maximum of $50. Planting costs are not eligible.

  • Property owners may apply for one rebate per property per calendar year.

  • Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, accepting only valid applications for trees purchased on or after January 1 of the current calendar year, until the funding is exhausted.

Those wishing to apply for a rebate are required to complete the application form and provide proof of purchase and planting.

Trees can reduce stress levels and fatigue, calm traffic, provide privacy, emphasize views or screen out unsightly views, enhance architecture, increase property values, moderate the environment, improve air quality, and reduce storm water runoff. As trees offer numerous community benefits, this rebate is offered to encourage the growth of an "urban forest" in Parksville.

When purchasing your new tree, please consider helping stop the spread of invasive species by planting and growing only what is non-invasive. Here is a helpful guide for some great non-invasive species to plant!

Grow Me Instead Guide

For more information about this program, email ops@parksville.ca.

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