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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis In British Columbia, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (formerly the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch) will be responsible for licensing and monitoring private non-medical cannabis retail stores. The Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) will be the sole distributor of non-medical cannabis in the province and will also operate government-run retail stores and online sales. For more information, please refer to the non-medical cannabis resources section on our website.

I already have a liquor and/or tobacco licence. Am I automatically allowed to sell non-medical cannabis at my liquor store?
No, you must apply for a non-medical cannabis retail store licence. In addition, if you are granted a licence, you must operate the cannabis store in a completely separate business location from any liquor and/or tobacco sales.

Can a cannabis retail operation set up in the City of Parksville without municipal approval?
No, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch will not provide a provincial licence for retail sales without a resolution of support from the City of Parksville. As well, during the Council consideration process, a business must also obtain a valid business licence to operate within the City of Parksville and meet all related requirements.

I only want to sell medical cannabis; can I apply for a medical cannabis retail licence?
No, there will be no medical retail licences issued under the provincial system at this time. Medical cannabis will continue to be sold online by federally licensed producers only and any application to produce and sell medical cannabis must be made under the federal medical cannabis system. However, like other Canadians, medical users will be able to buy cannabis from federally regulated retailers of non-medical cannabis. The federal government has committed to conducting a review of the medical cannabis system in five years.

Will the province be licensing consumption lounges?
No, not at this time. The province is focused on introducing a safe and responsible retail non-medical cannabis sector; consideration may be given to other types of licences at a later date.

Will sales of non-medical cannabis be permitted at outdoor festivals and other events?
No. Initially, non-medical cannabis sales will only be permitted at the licenced retail store locations. Offsite sales may be considered in the future.

Why is a business licence required?
A business licence is required by municipal bylaw and permits a business to operate within the City of Parksville. Each application for a business licence is reviewed to ensure compliance with the municipal regulations passed by Council. Obtaining a business licence recognizes you have been approved to operate and comply with municipal regulations.

How do businesses get a retail licence for selling cannabis products?
Retail dispensaries must obtain a provincial retail cannabis store licence in addition to complying with municipal zoning and business licensing bylaws. The process for obtaining a provincial retail cannabis store licence includes a number of requirements. Accordingly, even though possession of cannabis has been legal since October 17, 2018, the province has indicated that there will not be any licensed private retail stores operating as of that date. Please visit the Province of BC Liquor Distribution Branch website for further updates and information regarding Cannabis licensing and use in BC.

How do I pay for my first business licence?
The business licence fee is due prior to the licence being issued. The fee may be paid by cheque at the City of Parksville.

How will cannabis retail businesses be monitored once they are in business?
The Liquor and Cannabis Inspector and the RCMP will have the discretion to perform random checks on cannabis retail businesses to ensure all activity on site is legal. The City also has the ability through the City’s business licence bylaw to employ bylaw enforcement or building/fire inspections to ensure conditions of the business licence are met.

Where can I get help obtaining a business licence?
Most information you will need to get started are on the City’s website. If you have questions, please contact 250 954-4650 or bylaw@parksville.ca.

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