Sep 23, 2023

Corfield Street Upgrades

Corfield Street Upgrades and Jensen Greenway Project

December 4
Contractor, Locar Industries, has set up their construction marshalling area on City-owned property at 222 Corfield Street and on the Cityís road right-of-way. The pedestrian connection on the south side of Jensen will be closed. Please use the pedestrian crosswalk on the north side of Jensen to access the existing trail. Locar will work in a southward direction replacing the sanitary sewer line and manholes through the Jensen intersection. After clearing the Jensen Avenue intersection, the sanitary sewer line replacement work will focus on the west side of the street moving south towards Stanford Avenue. This work will involve digging a linear trench using heavy duty excavators and dump trucks to remove the trench material, install the new line and re-fill the trench.

General traffic interruptions - during construction, traffic will be controlled in all directions for both cars and pedestrians. In order for this work to be completed, please expect interruptions to traffic flow and intermittent alternating single-lane usage. We ask for the patience of the public, the contractor will attempt to complete this work as efficiently and safely as possible. For the publicís safety, the instructions provided by the traffic control people must be obeyed.

November 9, 2017
At the November 6 meeting, Parksville Council authorized the award of the construction contract for Corfield Street upgrades and the Jensen Greenway trail to Locar Industries Ltd in the amount of $2,664,287.80 (plus tax). Work is expected to begin in about three weeks with the construction schedule confirmed at the first construction meeting later this month.


This project has been two years in the making and is a significant investment for the City. Improvements will be made to the road, water, sewer and drainage on Corfield as well as a new multi-use greenway along the Jensen Avenue alignment from Corfield to McVickers Street. The City is working to improve pedestrian and cycling safety and formalize traffic lanes and parking on Corfield Avenue from Highway 19A to Stanford.
  • Reconstruction of the roadway complete with two travel lanes, parking, sidewalks, and dedicated bicycle lanes between Stanford Avenue and Highway 19A.
  • Replace/upgrade watermains, sanitary sewer and storm drainage infrastructure.
  • Downtown beautification with the undergrounding of existing overhead Hydro, Telus and Shaw utilities underground from Jensen Avenue to Highway 19A.
  • Three metre-wide sidewalks to downtown standards (eastside of Corfield) complete with ornamental streetlights, street trees and bump-outs with landscaping from Jensen Avenue to Highway 19A.
  • Three metre-wide x 400 metre long illuminated paved multi-use trail from Corfield Street to McVickers Street.
  • Three-way stop at the intersection of Corfield Street and Jensen Avenue will be added.


This project has received grant funding as follows:
  • BikeBC Program for $179,890 towards construction of the Jensen Greenway trail. These funds will be used to offset the cost of lighting and safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists at Corfield, Bagshaw and McVickers streets.
  • BC Hydro Beautification program provided $101,191 towards the undergrounding of overhead power lines.
As well, the storm drainage network improvements will be funded by development cost charges.

Project Information:
Engineering Department 250 951-2484;

Media contact:
Deb Tardiff, Manager of Communications 250 954-3073;

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