Jul 12, 2024

Tax Certificates

City of Parksville tax certificates can be obtained through API Canada using a credit card or through myLTSA using a Land Titles account.

Visit API Canada or myLTSA to learn more about tax certificates online.

Important Information:

  • Tax certificates issued with zero assessments or zero tax/utility calculations may be considered new construction and will require a parent property tax certificate. Contact the finance Ddepartment for tax and utility information on new construction.

  • Customers who are on the City's Tax/Utility Installment Plan will need to cancel this service prior to the closing date. You can Download theCancellation Form or contact the finance department for assitance.

  • Installment withdrawals are on the 15th of each month; therefore, account balances may change prior to final adjustments.

  • Refunds are not issued for prepaid taxes or utilities - please adjust on any credit balance.

  • Taxes and utilities are separate accounts. Do not deduct any credit balances from outstanding amounts owing; adjust each account separately and remit payment for balances owing only.
If you require further assistance with your tax certificate, contact the finance department at 250 954-4653 or txub@parksville.ca.
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