May 30, 2024

Zoning and Land Use

The Zoning and Development Bylaw governs the zoning and development of property in the City. It regulates what a property can be used for, and addresses such matters as setbacks, building heights, lot coverage, density, floor area, accessory uses for property, and landscaping provisions.

It is Council policy that all zoning inquiries be made in person or in writing to avoid any misunderstanding about what can or cannot be permitted on a given property.

In regard to zoning and land use the following documents are available in a PDF format for you to view and/or print (just click on the desired section). The Zoning and Development Bylaw, 1994, No. 2000 has been broken down into various sections for your convenience:

Zoning and Development Bylaw, 1994, No. 2000

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