Jul 12, 2024

Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The 2023-2026 strategic plan for the City of Parksville was adopted by Council on May 15, 2023. Strategic planning is an important process for any Council. Many newly elected Councils amend the existing strategic plan to set the goals for their term of office. When adopted, the strategic plan will guide Council decision making, resource allocation and establish priorities for key initiatives and projects. The strategic objectives inform departmental work plans and operational levels of service.

Supported by an external consultant with experience in strategic planning, Council and senior staff worked together to establish a clear vision for Parksville’s future.

The City’s 2023-2026 strategic plan identifies six core priority categories, detailed here:

ADVOCACY - To represent and advance the interests of the municipality
with federal and provincial government ministries and agencies responsible for providing services in our community, and to define the results, targets and outcomes expected by the community.

OFFICIAL COMMUNITY PLAN REVIEW AND UPDATE - To review and update the City’s OCP to address current and future demands and realities including the effects of climate change, population growth, changing demographics, an evolving economic environment and community values.

VIBRANT AND LIVABLE DOWNTOWN - To support the viability of existing and new businesses by making decisions that support a vibrant downtown that connects with and compliments the adjacent Parksville Community Park and recreation facilities.

WATER USE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT - To ensure a sustainable potable water supply for the community through a sound understanding of water sources, storage opportunities and long-term availability, future requirements, and infrastructure options to support reliable drinking water for the community.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT - To build trust and foster a connected community by enhancing our efforts to inform, consult, engage, involve, and collaborate with our citizens and businesses and other government agencies.

INVESTMENT IN RECREATION AMENITIES - To invest in new recreational amenities to support a growing population and encourage people of all ages to choose Parksville as their home.

Council’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan document may be viewed on Let’s Talk Parksville. Please email comments or questions to council@parksville.ca.

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