Dec 2, 2021

Security Camera

For a limited time, the City is offering residents and businesses a rebate program for security cameras installed on their property. The rebate program, started in 2019, will continue through 2023. The rebate is up to a maximum of $100 per application for cameras purchased and installed after July 2, 2019, and before available funds for the current year are used. Only one security camera system per property owner is eligible.

Security cameras must be installed on the exterior of the building of a residential building and businesses may choose either the inside of the business or on the exterior. Rebates will be issued on a first come/first serve basis accepting only valid applications. The application form is available here.

Prior to installing cameras, residents and businesses must ensure the installation of cameras does not violate privacy regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Act and Privacy Act.

Business applicants should complete the checklist provided below; the checklist is provided for information only to assist business applicants in assessing whether they have met their privacy obligations prior to applying for the rebate.

For further information on this program, please call 250 954-3060.

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