Jul 17, 2024

Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Sales Regulations

cannabis A retail cannabis store business displays, sells or offers for sale dried cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis seeds and cannabis accessories for non-medical purposes in a private retail store for patrons to purchase and consume offsite. Cannabis retail stores will be permitted in all zones where retail trade is a permitted use and cannabis growing, processing and packaging for any use other than personal use will be permitted in industrial zones.

  • Cannabis retail store must be a standalone business.
  • Cannabis activities are prohibited as a home-based business.
  • Cannabis retail store will be permitted to sell cannabis products and accessories that promote responsible use.
  • Cannabis consumption in the store is not permitted.
  • Cannabis retail store must have a provincial retail cannabis licence, a City of Parksville Retail Cannabis Sales business licence and follow the terms and conditions at all times.
  • All cannabis businesses are required to obtain and maintain a valid business licence and adhere to special provisions as set out in City bylaws, including annual criminal record checks for owners, operators and all employees.
  • Hours of operation are restricted to the same hours permitted for liquor stores (Liquor Control and Licensing Act).
  • Non-medical cannabis businesses shall be located at least 200 metres from a registered commercial daycare centre for minors, registered drug treatment or rehabilitation centres, seniors’ care facility and/or school providing educational services to minors 19 years or less (excludes post-secondary education).

The business licence fee for cannabis businesses will be $1,000 and all cannabis businesses will be subject to a Council resolution fee of $750 to reflect the additional staff resources required to process applications.

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