May 30, 2023

Council Meetings

The municipal Council of the City of Parksville typically meets in the Forum, Parksville Civic and Technology Centre, on the first and third Monday of the month. However, when a regularly scheduled meeting of Council coincides with a designated statutory holiday, the alternate day for the Council meeting will be Wednesday in the same week.

Please refer to the City calendar for the most current meeting schedule, including meeting start times. The Mayor chairs meetings of Council and the public is welcome to attend these meetings in person or view online via the webstreaming.

Agendas and Minutes
Agendas and minutes may be viewed from this link.

Those who wish to address Council on a particular issue are requested to notify the Corporate Officer in writing, providing a synopsis of the presentation, to be on the agenda as a delegation. Submissions must be received Wednesday noon two weeks prior to the scheduled Council meeting to facilitate agenda preparation. For further information on Council and Committee of the Whole meetings and procedures or if you would like to appear as a delegation, please contact the Corporate Officer at 250 954-3070 or

Open Question Period (prior to start of 1 pm Council meeting)
A maximum of fifteen minutes will be allotted for questions prior to the start of regular Council meetings with a limit of two minutes per person. A signup sheet will be provided prior the start of the meeting; please ensure you have signed in on the sheet provided. Priority will be given to the order in which members of the public are registered.

Names will be called from the list and individuals will be asked to step forward to the speakerís podium in the Forum and provide their name for the benefit of Council prior to asking a question. The following rules of protocol have been established to ensure everyone is given an opportunity to be heard:

  • Questions may be asked of any Council member but must be directed through the chair. The chair will recognize the questioner and direct questions to the Councillor whom he feels is best able to reply. The chair may choose to refer the question to staff should a question require research.

  • Questions should be concise and specific and must truly be questions, not statements or opinions nor is it a time for formal presentations.

  • Matters being addressed during a public hearing, or which refer to concluded public hearing may not be discussed during the open question period.

  • Members of the public must avoid personal references, insinuations, offensive language or disrespectful remarks.

  • Council will not debate or challenge the speakerís question.
An open question period is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of Council or request clarification. These questions may be answered by Council or referred to staff for further investigation. Should a question require research and a reply from staff, an answer or explanation will be provided within thirty days on Letís Talk Parksville for the benefit of other members of the public who may have a similar question.
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