Mar 25, 2017

Tax Certificates

The City of Parksville now issues Tax Certificates through BC Online. Please go to the BC Online website to order your Tax Certificate. The City's fee for a Tax Certificate is $20 and is paid directly through your BC Online account (Please contact BC Online to set up your account).

Important Information:

  • Tax Certificates that are issued with zero assessments or zero tax/utility calculations may be considered new construction and will require a Parent Property Tax Certificate. Please Contact the Finance Department for tax and utility information on new construction.

  • Customers who are on the City's Tax/Utility Installment Plan will need to cancel this service prior to the closing date. You can Download the Cancellation Form or contact the finance department to have one faxed.

  • Installment withdrawals are on the 15th of each month - therefore account balances may change prior to final adjustments.

  • Refunds are not issued for prepaid taxes or utilities - please adjust on any credit balance.

  • Taxes and Utilities are separate accounts - Please do not deduct any credit balances from outstanding amounts owing - adjust each account separately and remit payment for balances owing only.
If you require any further assistance with your tax certificate, please contact the Tax Department at 250 954-4653 or email
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