Apr 24, 2024

Residential Services

The City of Parksville has a wide range of responsibilities. For example, it administers regulatory bylaws on land use, animal control and noise. It collects revenue and makes expenditures for services and infrastructure, such as sewer, water and storm drainage, roads, emergency preparedness, fire protection, and a contribution toward policing.

The City sets policy direction for the community in a variety of ways from land use to economic development and it works with senior levels of government on issues such as health and infrastructure. The City helps keep the community looking good through parks and street beautification. It helps the community put on events, and it supports groups and activities through grants-in-aid and other financial and non-financial means.

We hope we have provided you with important information about the City and the services it provides to meet the needs of the many citizens in this special community.

Dog Licences
Garbage and Recycling
Wood Chipping

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