Feb 28, 2017

Utility Billing



    In October 2012, the City of Parksville revised the tiered billing rates for water use, effective March 2013. The new rates to be billed every 6 months included both a fixed charge and a usage charge. The fixed charge included $70 for a water infrastructure charge (based on the annual depreciation of capital assets currently in place) and $16 for an infrastructure fixed charge for the purpose of building reserves for the construction of the water treatment plant mandated by Vancouver Island Health Authority. The new rates reduced the tiered rates for residential and increased the commercial sector usage rate. Residential customers are charged escalating tiered rates to promote water conservation and commercial users pay a fixed charge the same as residential plus a flat rate of $1.68 for every cubic meter of water consumed. Effective October 2013 the rates for both residential and commercial were increased an additional 4% for both the fixed charges and the consumption charge.

    Due to the above changes the revenues from the residential sector were projected to increase 12.25% while revenues from the commercial sector were projected to increase 25.1% for 2013. The higher increase for commercial sector was necessary to raise the commercial water revenues closer to that sectors percentage of water use compared to residential. The high increases are necessary to ensure the water utility has sufficient revenues and reserves to maintain the water infrastructure and deliver potable water.

    In 2013, the commercial sector used approximately 32.2% (2012 - 32.4%) of the billable water and the residential sector used 67.8% (2012 - 67.6%). This new fee structure introduced in 2012 attempts to equalize revenues from residential and commercial customers based on total water consumption.

    Sanitary Sewer

    Sanitary sewer rate system works differently than the water rates. The residential and commercial sector both pay a fixed charge of $55.56 for 100 cubic metres of sewerage system use every 6 months. Any use of the system above 100 cubic metres is charged a usage charge of $.477 per cubic metre. The amount of usage is calculated based on the users water consumption because usage meters are not installed on the sewerage system. In order to remove sewer charges relating to summer watering and gardening which do not go into the sewer system, residential users sewer bills are based on the lesser of their winter and summer water consumption.

    Parcel Taxes

    All properties not connected to the water and sanitary sewer systems that are deemed to be benefiting from these systems continue to be charged a water and sanitary sewer parcel tax. All properties not connected to water but connected to sanitary sewer are to be charged a flat rate sewer fee based on the average sewer fee for that class of property as determined by the average consumption for that class.


    For utility information, please email THaywood@parksville.ca or phone 250 954-4653.


    Water rate calculators have been provided so that you can estimate your water rates.

    Link to Water Rate Calculators

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