Aug 14, 2020

Building Permit Statistics Instructions


Building permit statistics from May 1, 2013 are now available directly from our website. We have included instructions to retrieve the building reports.

Proceed to the Web Inquiry page

  1. Select "Go to Web Inquiry"
  2. Select "Search" (top of screen)
  3. Search by Civic Address
  4. Enter any Parksville address (such as Jensen Ave E, 100)
  5. Search by Civic Address
  6. Click on the checkbox on the left of the civic address then select "Add to Selection List"
  7. Select "Reports" (top of screen)
  8. Select "View Report" beside the Building Permits BCA Submittal by Issued Date Range
    (or any other report – as needed)
  9. Enter the dates you would like to see then select "View Report" again
    (date format is: 1-may-2013)
  10. All the permits that have been issued for the period you’ve requested should show on the screen.
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