Oct 15, 2021

Strategic Plan

2019-2022 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan for the City of Parksville, adopted by Council on July 3, 2019, identifies five core implementation priority categories for the term 2019-2022. These core priorities are housing, healthcare, recreation, economic development and community safety. The strategic plan will guide the effective and efficient use of City resources, considering both budgetary and human resource constraints to ensure progress is made and the Cityís vision and mission are accomplished. Council will monitor implementation on an ongoing basis and continue to update the community on milestones and project completion.

The strategic planning journey began in January 2019 with the Mayorís roundtable event; a conversation with residents to determine the priority actions the community wishes Council to focus on during their term of office. A series of Committee of the Whole meetings were held to discuss each core priority and an online community survey received 425 responses. All initiatives were intended to understand what is most important to residents. Survey results are posted to Letís Talk Parksville at https://letstalkparksville.ca/8785/documents/17616

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