Feb 20, 2024

How Residents Can Help


Here are a few ways that residents can help ensure safety and service delivery, including snow removal during winter conditions.

  • Keep sidewalks clear
    Please remove snow from your sidewalks. Snow clearing from sidewalks is the responsibility of the adjacent property owners who are required to ensure that snow removed from the sidewalks is not deposited on the adjoining roadway. During periods of heavy snowfall, in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic, adjacent to City-owned property, City crews will support public sidewalk clearing through use of snow blowers and other snow removal equipment as availability of equipment and personnel allow.
  • Park off street
    Please park in your driveway, not on the street. This will allow snow plows the space required to safely clear the street. This is important on cul-de-sacs and narrow roadways. Shovel driveways and park off the street. Do not block driveways, bus stops, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Storm drains
    Keep the street drains or catch basins in front of your property clear of snow. This will allow for proper drainage and will reduce the chance of flooding on the street and on your property.
  • Fire hydrants
    Clear the catch basis in front of your home or business. Snow and ice build-up can block catch basis and prevent rain and melted snow from draining properly. Properly cleared catch basis allow for proper drainage and will reduce the change of flooding on the street and property.
Snow Shoveling Tips
  • Never shovel snow from sidewalks and driveways into the streets. The snow plows always push the snow to the side of the road so the snow will be pushed back onto the sidewalk and your driveway. Pushing the snow away from your driveway onto the road is also dangerous. By adding to the snow pack on the road you are making a hazardous situation even more dangerous.
  • When you clear snow from the roadway in front of your driveway, pile the snow on the right side of your driveway (facing the street). This reduces the chance of having the plow push the pile back in front of your driveway entrance.
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