Mar 24, 2017


AquaStar Home

The AquaStar program was developed to assist Parksville residents lessen their dependence on our water sources for their day-to-day needs. Perhaps dependence can be lessened in the house, out in the yard or for during general activities. Cumulative changes to habits will provide substantial benefits not only for today, but for the future.

Often our water systems are taken for granted. The fact that British Columbia is the wettest province in Canada doesn't translate into greater storage capacities as areas in south western BC continue to face severe watering restrictions caused by lack of supply. The AquaStar program was developed in the summer of 2009 as the City and region experienced one of the driest spells on record. Although these dry summers may be unusual, they may be periodic cycles in the earth's climate or the result of manmade carbon pollution. It is important to understand there is not an abundance of water.

Along with the City of Nanaimo, District of Lantzville, Town of Qualicum Beach and Fairwinds Community and Resort, the City of Parksville is a partner with the Regional District of Nanaimo in Team WaterSmart.

To learn more about Team WaterSmart please see their website. Link to

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