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Committee of the Whole Meeting
This event starts on May 26, 2008 and Runs through May 26, 2008

Attachments: Location: Parksville Civic & Technology Centre, Forum


MONDAY, MAY 26, 2008 - 6:00 P.M.


    a) of the May 12, 2008 minutes of the Committee of the Whole meeting - Pages 1 to 4
    a) Diane Snyder - Vancouver Island Health Authority - Integrated Health Network - Living with Chronic Health Conditions
    b) John Olsen - Oceanside Affordable Housing Society - Development of Affordable Housing in the Oceanside Area - Pages 5 to 7



    a) Manager of Budgets and Special Projects - DCC Open House Update and Recommendations - Pages 8 to 18
    Late 2007, City staff undertook a complete review of the Development Cost Charges program. The DCC Program review was presented to council for their consideration in December 2007. Public consultations were set up for January and February 2008 in order to give and receive information. Several recommendations were noted upon review of the input. The results of those recommendations are now being presented to Council for their consideration.

    Recommendation: THAT the report from the Manager of Budgets and Special Projects dated May 13, 2008 entitled "DCC Open House Update and Recommendations", be received as information;
    AND THAT Council direct staff to prepare the necessary bylaw for consideration.

    b) Director of Finance - Quarterly Report (verbal)
    For April, May and June 2008
    c) Planner - Issuance of Development Permit [1152 Herring Gull Way] - Pages 19 to 31
    On March 6, 2008 the City received a development permit application from Valliere Construction Inc. on behalf of the owners of the property. The applicant requests the issuance of a development permit to permit a 446 m2, 2 storey building for handling and storage of furniture with a 2nd floor caretaker residence and related site improvements. The subject property is fronted by Herring Gull Way to the northwest and backs onto the E&N rail corridor to the rear. There is a narrow undeveloped parcel along the north property line. The balance of land use adjacencies is developed industrial properties.

    Recommendation: THAT a development permit be issued to St. George Transportation Nanaimo Ltd., to permit a 446 m2 , 2 storey building for handling and storage of furniture with a 2nd floor caretaker residence and implementation of the overall site plan on Lot 1, Block 564, Nanoose District, Plan 49409 (1152 Herring Gull Way) subject to:

      (a) A landscaping bond in the amount of $14,962.40 be received prior to the issuance of the permit.
    d) Manager of Current Planning - Consideration of a Request to Discharge Restrictive Covenant G54355 - Pages 32 to 47
    The City has received a request from the owners of the above noted properties (Pioneer Plaza) to discharge restrictive covenant (G54355) that is registered on title. The restrictive covenant prohibits undertaking parlors, theaters, restaurants, hotel, bus terminal, recreation and places of amusement; refer to the attached covenant for details. The request to remove the covenant is intended to allow for a takeout and delivery pizza deli restaurant in a vacant unit of the existing building. The City is a signatory to the covenant and therefore must consent to its discharge.

    Recommendation: THAT restrictive covenant G54355 be discharged from the title of the properties legally described as that part of Lot 4, District Lot 4, Nanoose District, Plan 5772, lying to the north of the northerly boundary of Plan 638 RW and Lot 5, District Lot 4, Nanoose District, Plan 5772, except that part lying to the south of Plan 638 RW (281 Island Highway East) subject to lot consolidation or the registration of a restrictive covenant in favour of the City prohibiting independent sale of the properties while the current building remains standing.



Event Name: Committee of the Whole Meeting | Event Category: City Agenda

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