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Homeowner Grant Frequently Asked Question

The provincial homeowner grant reduces the amount of property taxes you pay for your principal residence. It is available to homeowners in British Columbia who pay their property taxes to a municipality or to the province if they live in a rural area. The grant is administered by the Province of BC.

Who qualifies for the provincial homeowner grant?
To qualify for the grant you must meet all of the following requirements:
  • Be the registered owner of the residence, or the spouse or relative of the deceased owner and at the date the owner passed away, you both occupied the residence as your principal residence
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Live in British Columbia
  • Occupy the residence as your principal residence
What is considered to be my principal residence?
Your principal residence is the usual place that you make your home. It is where you live and conduct your daily affairs like paying bills and receiving mail and it is generally the residence used in your government records for things like your income tax, medical services plan, driver’s licence and vehicle registration.

How do I claim the homeowner grant?
There are two ways to claim the homeowner grant:
  1. Claim the grant online through the Online Services tab at using the Folio Number and Access Code found on the top portion of your property tax notice.
  2. OR

  3. Complete the application which is attached to your property tax notice and submit to the City of Parksville, Finance Department. A payment is not required to claim the grant.


Do we all have to sign the application if more than one of us owns the property?
Only one qualifying owner can claim a grant for a residence each year. The owner who qualifies for the higher grant amount should be the one to apply.

Can another person apply for the homeowner grant on my behalf?
Yes, you can give someone verbal or written permission to apply for the grant on your behalf. They will provide their information in the appropriate section of the grant application.

Why do I need to complete the homeowner grant application every year?
Your circumstance may change (e.g. you may move but still own the residence) so last year’s information cannot be relied on for this year’s grant.

Why am I charged a penalty for submitting a late homeowner grant application?
The payment of property taxes must be received by the due date to avoid a 5% penalty. The homeowner grant is a form of payment towards your property taxes. Your municipality receives the funds from the provincial government and without your application it leaves an outstanding balance at the due date.

Tip: Claim the grant even if you are not making a payment to avoid a penalty on the grant amount.

My financial institution pays my mortgage; do I have to submit the grant application?
Yes. Your financial institution does not apply for the home owner grant on your behalf.

I forgot to apply for the homeowner grant last year. Can I still apply for it?
You can apply for the last year’s grant retroactively if you qualified for the grant on December 31 of last year and you are still the registered owner. If the property taxes for last year were paid, you must be the owner that paid those taxes.

Further information about the provincial homeowner grant is available at:
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