Oct 3, 2023

Safe Disposal of Sharps

Safe Disposal of Garbage, Abandoned Waste and Sharps

The disposal of needles and other sharps continues to be a challenging public safety issue for the Oceanside region. Safe disposal of needles, syringes and sharps is necessary to protect residents, sanitation/municipal workers and the environment. This information addresses the disposal of abandoned waste including needles/sharps in the City of Parksville.

On Private Property
Sharps, hazardous waste and debris found on private property are the responsibility of the private property owner to collect and dispose. It is the responsibility of businesses to deal with sharps found on their frontage. The Island Health website provides information on safe sharps handling and disposal; please see links provided below.

On City Property
In 2016, the City installed sharps containers in all City controlled public restrooms located at the Community Park, Springwood Park, Foster Park and the Parksville Civic and Technology Centre. Please report abandoned items on City property to 250 248-5412.

Below High Tide Mark
The Parksville Qualicum Wildlife Management Area (PQBWMA) is responsible for the foreshore below the high tideline on the beach.
Please report abandoned items to the RAPP line.

General information on Safe Disposal

Safe disposal and handling of needles/sharps (includes info on needlestick injury)

Health Link BC – Harm Reduction for Families and Caregivers

How to safely dispose of needles and drug paraphernalia (From Island Health website)

  • Don't try to replace the cap on needles
  • Don't snap, break or bend needles or other sharps
  • Pick up needle with care and use gloves or tongs if available
  • Hold needle point away from you
  • Put needle in a metal or hard plastic container with a lid (i.e. product or drink bottle)
  • Replace cap on container securely and label it
  • Remove gloves and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water
  • Drop off the sealed container to a disposal location

Locations in Parksville for Disposal of Sharps/Needles

The facilities listed here will accept sharps/needles in a puncture-resistant, non-breakable, sealed container (eg. plastic bleach bottle, laundry detergent container, plastic pail with secure lid). These facilities will supply sharps containers to the public upon request.

•Oceanside Health Centre489 Alberni Highway250 951-9550
•Oceanside Public Health ServicesFamily Place, 494 Bay Avenue250 947-8242

The pharmacies listed below will accept needles/sharps in approved sharps containers only. You will need to contact your pharmacy to determine if containers are available free or for purchase.

•Parksville Pharmasave 1-281 East Island Highway250 951-0227
•Save-On Foods Pharmacy 818 West Island Highway250 248-8944
•Shoppers Drug Mart 140 Island Highway East250 248-3611
•Shoppers Simply Pharmacy154 Memorial Avenue250 248-3162
•Thrifty Foods Pharmacy280 East Island Highway250 248-8823
•The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy192 Island Highway West250 248-6695

Other Resources

•Communicable Disease program at Island Health 1 866 770-7798
•Stevens Company Ltd. (Retail sharps disposal products)1 800 872-8444 stevens.ca
•BIOMED (Retail sharps disposal products and services) 604 872-3399 biomeddisposeit.com

Public Safety – Who to Contact

•Crimes in progress, to report a fire, serious traffic accidents and/or immediate medical attention 911
•Crime after it has occurred, suspicious/illegal activity250 248-6111 (RCMP non-emergency)
•Discarded sharps, garbage or litter on public property 250 248-5412 ops@parksville.ca
•After hours City of Parksville 250 248-6144info@parksville.ca
•Security, nuisance matters, bylaw infractions250 248-6144bylaw@parksville.ca
Weekend bylaw officer (10 am to 6 pm) 250 954-3067
•Burning complaints, permits, general fire safety info250 248-3242fire@parksville.ca

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