May 24, 2022

Community Park Master Plan

The Community Park Master Plan was completed by the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute at Vancouver Island University and by the students and faculty at Vancouver Island University in 2017.

The public engagement process included conversations with local First Nations, three interactive community events, interviews with many identified park user groups, and two public opinion surveys targeted at residents and tourists. The consultation involved about 1,400 participants.

Five guiding principles for the Community Park Master Plan were developed from feedback generated through the public consultation process:

  • Celebrate the unique culture and heritage of the Parksville community
  • Create a more accessible park for everyone
  • Support sustainable infrastructure use and maintenance
  • Protect the natural environment and waterfront
  • Encourage fun and vibrant activities in the Community Park
These five principles guided the development of the short to long-term vision for the Community Park which was additionally informed by further public consultation, site assessment and planning analysis. The 61 recommendations in the Community Park Master Plan were presented in the form of an action plan, which proposes a series of recommended actions organized by each guiding principle along with estimated cost and timeframe. These included recommendations on physical improvements to park infrastructure and facilities, programming, signage, maintenance, and transportation. The recommendations took into account the current constraints of staff and resources to ensure all actions are feasible for the City to implement, while also bringing together the creativity and passion of all those who cherish and use the park for a variety of uses.

The updated Community Park Master Plan conforms to the 2013 Parksville Official Community Plan and City of Parksville policies and bylaws. Although the Community Park Master Plan relates to the 2005 Parks and Open Space Master Plan, it is not in conformance as the Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Master Plan is currently under review. On September 17, 2018, Council approved implementation of the Community Park Master Plan with revised priorities.

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