May 28, 2017

Master Transportation Plan

Following the open house held on December 1, the draft Master Transportation Plan is available for review. Residents and businesses are encouraged to provide comments and feedback through December 30. Questions should be directed to the engineering department (250 951-2484,

Highway 19A - Westbound

The City of Parksville is updating the 2002 Transportation Master Plan which will identify strategies to improve the ability of Parksville's residents to meet personal transportation needs, while aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve road safety, develop accessible infrastructure and improve community well-being.

Included in the Transportation Master Plan are the Transportation Plan Study and the Downtown Core Area Parking Study. The transportation plan study addresses the future needs of all modes of transportation (i.e. vehicles, commercial traffic, regional transit, cycling and walking) by adopting innovative, sustainable approaches for existing road networks, future network linkages and proposed development. Specifically, the study will make recommendations on major road network upgrade plans, intersection upgrades, regional transit services, walkways and cycling improvements, alternate vehicle standards, traffic calming measures and commercial vehicle routes.

Open houses were held in June and November 2009 and December 2016 to provide the community with opportunities for participation and input.

November 2009
Over 400 residents attended the open house and presentations, providing the community with the opportunity to review the work being done by Boulevard Transportation Group on the City’s Master Transportation Plan and Downtown Core Area Parking Study.

June 2009
Residents provided input at an open house to discuss the transportation plan study and the downtown core area parking study and also participated in a Walkabout and Bikeabout which provided an opportunity to explore Parksville’s transportation network.

Transportation Plan

Parking Plan

2002 Transportation Master Plan (Main Document)

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