Apr 24, 2018


Regular training of volunteer fire department members is conducted on a weekly basis at Monday night training sessions referred to as 'fire practice'. Additional training is offered throughout the year on week-days, week-nights and week-ends, both locally and in other locations. In 2008, members compiled a total of over 5,500 person-hours of training.

Members are trained in all aspects of fire & rescue including: firefighting, emergency medical response, the operation of emergency vehicles, fire pump operation, auto extrication, aerial ladder use, rope rescue, confined space rescue, Hazardous Materials mitigation, emergency scene traffic control, utility emergencies, and an array of other related operations. Members are expected to attend a minimum number of training sessions in order to maintain the necessary skills to perform the required duties of a firefighter.

The Parksville Volunteer Fire Department's training program includes participation in the BC Firefighter Certification program. Members work through a training and are tested on knowledge and skills in order to achieve the NFPA 1001 "The standard for professional firefighter qualifications." In order for a member to become fully certified 'in-house', it takes approximately 100 hours of classroom, 100 hours of self study and 150 hours of hands-on practice.

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