Mar 24, 2017

How To Check For Leaks

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Water Meter Test – Entire House

To perform a test on your entire household plumbing system, read your meter at some time during the day or night when water will not be used for at least the next four hours. Record the reading, at the end of the 4 hour period, reread the water meter and compare the reading to the original reading.

If the readings are identical, your household plumbing system has no leaks. If the readings are different and no water has been used, this confirms that you have a plumbing leak and you should proceed to identify the plumbing fixture(s) that is the source of that leak.

City of Parksville Water Metre Box Water Meter 1 Water Meter 2


Leak Detection Dye Leaks occur most commonly in toilets. You will need either food colouring or dye test tablets to perform a dye test on your toilets. Dye test tablets for toilets are usually available at various hardware and plumbing stores.

Water Tank w/ Dye To perform a dye test, place the tablet or a few drops of good colouring in the toilet tank. Do not flush. Wait and observe for 10-15 minutes. If the colour seeps through into the toilet bowl, this indicates a leak. If you find a leak at your toilet, you should turn the valve off under the toilet while you continue checking your system.

If your toilet is leaking, it may be attributed to the need to replace a valve, flapper or lower your water tank level so it does not spill into the overflow sleeve.

Household Taps

Another place to check for leaks is at any outdoor hose bibs and any inside sink or bathtub taps. Replacing the rubber “O” ring or washers inside the valve can usually repair dripping taps.

Underground Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Typical Irrigation Box with Shut off valve Turn the irrigation valve off. Do a meter test (see above). If the meter moves during this time, the leak is in the household plumbing. If the meter does not move, do a meter test with the irrigation valve turned on.

Turn the irrigation valve on. Do another meter test. If the meter moves, the leak is in your irrigation and needs to be fixed.

If you determine that there may be a leak in your underground irrigation system, you should contact a qualified professional as soon as possible.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

One or more of these clues might indicate your swimming pool or hot tub is leaking:

  • Persistent water-quality issues or algae’s that indicate imbalances in the water chemistry, because a leak prevents constant, even levels.
  • Loose tiles or cracks in the pool deck or surrounding area.
  • Loose coping stones.
  • Tree roots can lift the pool deck, plumbing or pool walls.
  • Cracks or gaps in the bond beam.
  • Soggy soil near the pool, hot tub, pumps or pool plumbing equipment.

If you determine or think that you may have a water leak in your pool or hot tub, you should contact a qualified professional as soon as possible.
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