Nov 15, 2018

Memorial Opportunities

The City of Parksville provides residents with opportunities to mark major life events in a meaningful way which also benefit the community. By purchasing a memorial tree, memorial park bench or picnic table, residents may honour the memory of a departed friend or family member or celebrate new beginnings such as a birth or marriage.

Dedicated Park Bench - $1,500
The cost is borne by the individual, family or group wishing to dedicate the bench and covers the acquisition and installation of the bench as well as a custom plaque about 4 x 8 inches with raised lettering. City staff will choose the bench best suited to weather and vandalism and to complement benches already installed throughout the City.

For a period of five years, the bench will be maintained and if necessary, replaced by the City. After the first five years, the City will continue to maintain the bench if it remains in a safe and useable state. The City will discontinue this maintenance only once it is no longer feasible to maintain the bench. Further, if it is not practical to repair a bench, an individual may replace the bench and plaque for an additional fee equal to the costs of replacement by the City.

Dedicated Tree Plantings on Municipal Property - $500
An individual, family or group may apply to have a dedicated tree planted on municipal property. All fees are borne by those wishing to dedicate the tree and will cover the purchase and transport costs of the tree and a custom plaque with raised lettering.

A tree may be purchased from the City under the guidelines of our tree planting program and the appropriateness of the species and proposed location shall be undertaken in consultation with the director of operations (or designate). The City shall prepare the site, plant the dedicated tree and install the memorial plaque. Staff will also stake the new tree and perform all other necessary maintenance including watering, pruning and pest control.

Dedicated Picnic Table - $2,000
An individual, family or group may apply to dedicate a picnic table. City staff will prepare the site, install a concrete pad, the picnic table and a suitable plaque which will be placed on the picnic table or pad. The picnic table will be maintained by the City, or replaced if necessary, for a period of five years.

Completed applications should be submitted to the attention of the parks foreman, City of Parksville as follows:

In person:City Hall, 100 Jensen Avenue East
Operations Department, 1116 Herring Gull Way
By mail:PO Box 1390, Parksville V9P 2H3

With all memorial opportunities, the wording for the plaque must be submitted in advance to the City for approval by the director of operations (or designate).

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