Aug 14, 2020

Housing Study

Acknowledgement This Study was funded in part by the Central Vancouver Island Health Region. In 1998, the Healthy Community Advisory Commission had applied for a $9,550.00 grant to accomplish eight small projects. With the approval of the Central Vancouver Island Health Region in 1999 these funds were redirected to this Housing Study. Data collection occurred during the summer of 1999 with the assistance of a University of Victoria summer student.

Due to other Planning Department priorities, completion of this Study could not occur until May 2001. Completion of the Study was done by the City of Parksville's Department of Community Planning.

Table of Contents

Housing Study Maps

Part I

  • Part I
  • Acknowledgement
    Purpose of Housing Study
    Table of Contents
    List of Figures
    List of Maps

      Population Growth
      Population Profile
      Economic Profile

    Planning Jurisdiction
    City Area

      Trends and Influences

    Land Development History
      Historic Subdivision Activity
      Historic Building Permit Activity
      Historic Lot Utilization
      Multi-Family Development History

    Part II

  • Part II
  • Housing Stock Today

      Rental Housing
      Specialized Housing
      Role of Provincial Government
      Subsidized Housing
      Affordable Housing
      Social Housing
      Seniors Housing
      Related Information
      Housing Stock Comparisons

    Part III

  • Part III
  • Special Topics

      Heritage Houses
      Hi Tech Housing
      Leaky Condos
      Resort Condominiums

      Housing Unit Type
      Limits to Growth



  • Appendixes
  • Appendix I Hi Tech Zoning Categories
    Appendix II "Suite" Information Handout

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